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  This event is LIMITED to the first 25 qualified offices to RSVP.  This is a FREE event to explore what Medical Integration is...not a sales pitch, nor a sales seminar.   If the event become filled, we have other Discovery Days available HERE.

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Dallas, TX - Jan 27th
Chattanooga, TN - Feb 9th
San Jose, CA - March 16th
You're Invited!...
Hi Doctor,
We wanted to invite you to one of our upcoming MEDICAL INTEGRATION DISCOVERY DAY workshops.

The workshop is a full day introduction to Medical Integration (the "what it is", "how it works", "what you need to do", "why you would do it")... basically showing you the ropes of this model.

Come explore one of our upcoming MEDICAL INTEGRATION DISCOVERY DAY workshops.

Not: this is NOT a pitch-fest nor a sales event - it is purely a day for you to learn exactly the type of medical services that might compliment your practice and how it works... so ask a lot of questions!

Many chiropractors don't realize that "integrating" can be done in a PRINCIPLED WAY, effectively pulling patients into a holistic healthcare model and of the symptom chase medical model.

 Call now (1-888-777-0815) or register to the right.
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Dr. Tim Steflik's Success Testimonial
Dr Mike Carberry, DC
  Dr Mike specializes in helping build PRINCIPLED offices that offer HOLISTIC medical services...the modern model of chiropractic practice.
  Limited To 25 Doctors
  Why Consider Medical Integration of Your Chiropractic Office??
Handle the Most Common Health Complaints in Society
Be able to deliver services for conditions you cannot treat as a chiropractor...
See MORE of the 90%
Integrated service centers appeal to the 90% of the population that currently do not go to chiropractors...
No Financial Problems
Accept both private pay and insurance payment for services rendered...
Future-Proof Your Practice to Healthcare Change
Thrive despite changes to the healthcare model over the next few decades...
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The FUTURE MODEL of Chiropractic...

Join us for a one-day event to learn the "in's and out's" of adding MEDICAL SERVICES to your existing chiropractic clinic.

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